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‘Your network is only as fast as your weakest link.’

Truer words have never been spoken. With the speeds available today, ever wonder why it still takes so long for things to open? Why it seems to take forever to get on the internet?

It might be your cable infrastructure. You spend money making sure you have the best, fastest computers, broadband, and routers, but if your cabling can’t handle those speeds, all that money is wasted. Let the BTS team analyze your current cable setup and make recommendations to be sure that you have the best infrastructure foundation that today’s technology has to offer, so that your business can maximize productivity and efficiency, thus improving the bottom line.

Mission: Our top priority is to make sure that your business's telecom infrastructure is built for efficiency, profitability, long-term sustainability, and undeniable value.

BTS' services vary in scope depending upon the specific needs of your business, and range from repairs and testing to full-sized industrial plant infrastructure. With an arsenal of the latest tools and testing utilities available to the industry, BTS complies with all current/up-coming industry standards and is able to provide as-builds, warranties, and certification for all completed work.

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The BTS team is proud of its work and always looking for exciting new projects!

Factory Installations Dense Cat 6 Networks Cable Bundles
Factory / Warehouse work with lifts and high ceilings. Dense Cat 6 networks with clean and labeled installation. It doesn't matter the cable count size, your job will always look professional.

You can find more examples of our work in our Project Portfolio!

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